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    WANTED t/c peep sight base trade

    2 shots Is this the sight you have? If it is, please let me know if you decide to sell the sight. Thanks
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    .54 PRB elk load

    One thing you might try is a hardened roundball. Pour some balls up with added wheel weight. See if your rifle likes them or not. The hardened ball will travel thru more of the elk, in case something unforseen happens. Elk have big bones and huge muscles, plus a tenacity for life. My GPR loves...
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    Triple 7 ignition problems

    Yep, I'd try this first. Might solve your problem.
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    LYMAN GPR Users Unite and tell us your story

    54 cal 120gr of FF 777 .005 lubed patch Lubed wad between powder and ball Some WW added to the roundball My rifle must be weird, because it goes against most BP advice. It doesn't mind the hardened ball. The more powder, the tighter it groups. The .005 patches shoot better than the tighter...
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    Hello Everyone

    Welcome from the S Oregon Coast. You'll love that GPR in .54, works well for deer and elk.
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    Blackpowder elk hunts are addictive.
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    Traditional Hunts

    I did that one season, people's reactions were priceless 🤣
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    Traditional Hunts

    Oregon is the same
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    SOLD Couple tc hawkens. 54 and 20ga.

    Would love that 54 , but I'm on the W Coast 😒
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    Another Newbie from Pacific Northwest

    Welcome from the S Oregon Coast
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    Welcome back, from the S Oregon Coast
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    Favourite muzzleloader kill

    First elk with a roundball
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    Hello All

    Welcome What part of Oregon? I'm from the S Coast
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    Oregon? who are all you guys!

    Used to BP elk hunt up the McKenzie, but elk were getting harder and harder to find. Knew I had to do something different. Last year we headed east. It was a big learning curve, but can't wait to get back to the Strawberries again.
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    Oregon? who are all you guys!

    We left Leaburg 5 years ago for Bandon. Hunted elk in the Strawberries with the GPR last year for the first time. Wow, that was fun! Sure miss the McKenzie, but not Eugene. Lol