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    A Good Source For 'Quality' ready-Made, Primitive Bowie Knives?

    Guessing a Randall is out of the question?:doh: Anything from mild to wild: Bowies of all tastes
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    Is there printed route of the Oregon trail?

    Don't recall for sure, that was many moons ago- I do recall it was east of town though
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    Hickory Ramrod

    You want a bit of “less than straight” on a ramrod, helps keep it in the thimbles better. Don’t soak in kerosene. Soak it in a 50/50 mix of linseed and turpentine. Boning it will also help with durability. I have a heavy bench/cleaning rod I made over 35 years ago that was soaked and boned. To...
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    Is there printed route of the Oregon trail?

    Not on "The Trail" but- My Godfather had a huge cattle operation just east of Cody, Wyoming. Every summer for about a week my dad and I would go up and visit and catch up with old friends (my dad was a veterinarian who had a practice in Cody). We would go camping and fishing on the Godfathers...
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    Sharon 54 cal Hawkin kit

    Nope- There is another one here. The very first rifle I ever built was a 50 caliber Sharon Trade rifle, it was a high school shop project when I was a Freshman in HS. It was stolen by a room mate a few years later. I was absolutely elated when I found the complete unbuilt Trade rifle kit a...
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    Sharon 54 cal Hawkin kit

    I have a total of 4 Sharons- 2 full stocks, 1 half stock and an unbuilt Trade rifle. The 3 complete rifles favor patched round balls
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    Green River Rifle Works Hawken

    So next in this thread is where we all tell the OP how much we hate him!
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    Green River Rifle Works Hawken

    This thread is worthless without pics!
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    Horse Creek girl...

    Spend some time around Lander. Go sit on a rock in the middle of a quiet night. You feel it.......
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    Inletting black

    Add another one to the “Uh-huh, sure” list....
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    Under Rib Installation.

    A hint that will make your clean up easier if soldering-use a carpenters pencil on the side of the rib and barrel next to your solder joint. Solder won’t stick to the graphite.
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    Inletting black

    Seein a couple of posts here that are chock full of "Uh-Huh, sure":eek:
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    Inletting black

    Soot from a candle, wont soak into the wood.
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    My first time building a muzzleloader

    First rifle I ever built was at age 13, Sharon Trade Rifle kit. One learns a lot..