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    SW Minnesota NW Iowa SE South Dakota

    Any folks around the tri state area? I am in NW Iowa now and am hoping to find a club or some like minded fellers to learn from. Thanks!
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    Any ideas ??CA??? BROS knife

    Thanks guys!
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    Any ideas ??CA??? BROS knife

    Picked up an old knife I believe is a well used skinner with a great brownish patina. Maker mark is well worn with what appears to be a CA...Bros. Five brass pins in the handles. Any ideas of what or when this knife is?
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    First Alabama buck

    Congratulations on a beautiful buck!
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    MN buck with smoke pole

    Awesome! Nicely done, beautiful buck with great looking rifle!
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    opening day 8

    Beautiful buck and beautiful kit! Congratulations!
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    2019 muzzle loader deer.

    You can sort of see the two big limbs. Not quite at 90 I guess but solid as a rock non the less.
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    2019 muzzle loader deer.

    The 2x4s you see have no real reason to stick out that far. If you look closely you can see the area near my foot has a large 12”+ diameter limb. There is another slightly larger limb that meets the trunk forming a near perfect 90.The 2xs are actually in pretty decent shape where they are...
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    2019 Colorado Buck

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    2019 muzzle loader deer.

    I was sure to call the DNR and ask specifically about using a revolver. 40 grains fff behind .454 hornady round ball.
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    2019 muzzle loader deer.

    Harvested this fine buck with my Remington 1858.
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    First ML buck!

    Now my brother in-law harvested his first buck last night, with a 2014 volkswagen. :headslap:
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    First ML buck!

    Skychief, These are corn fed Iowa bucks.
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    First ML buck!

    Thanks for all the nice words. Truly a thrill. The two bucks were shot with in 150 yards of each other just one week apart. My father in-law and I figured there is some relation to the bucks with such similar antlers. To top it I field dressed, skinned, and butchered most of both with my wife's...
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    First ML buck!

    This was my first muzzleloader season. I invited my father inlaw to tag along and in the first fifteen minutes of the season he bags a small 9 point buck. The next morning at the same time I passed another small 8 point almost identical to his. I hunted all week seeing a few does and the same...