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    Midway USA has real BP in stock

    I just ordered a couple of pounds of Ol' Eynsford... let me check. $11.99 for the 2 lbs.
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    One little piggy went to market.....

    I really like Armstrong's carving style. I selected one of his styles for my first attempt at carving. This one was done on a plain maple board. I plan to use that pattern whenever I finish my .32 or I may go to the one you have! :)
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    What is the proper name for "possibles bag"?

    I am not usually very PC in the area of ML's. Hi-ebber, and day is always a hi-ebber, this thread has got me thinking....🤔 I carry what I have heretofore called my possibles bag whenever I am out with a long arm. Any long arm. The only difference is the type of ammunition I carry in the...
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    What is the proper name for "possibles bag"?

    Glad this was brought up. I've wondered why the term would upset some folk ever since I learned it did. I have heard and used the term "possibles" for as long as I can remember, and it seemed appropriate as I carry a lot more then shooting supplies in my bag! I also carry it whenever I'm...
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    ‘51 vs ‘61?

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    Three for two!

    That Jess is "THE DOG!" :D While you're sneaking he looks at you like "what are you waiting for!?" Then when you raise the gun his eyes go right to the target... When you shoot, he doesn't flinch, just says "Let me go get it!" Ain't nuthin' as heartwarming as a man and his dog...
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    A loooong time ago I was taught a knife was a last ditch weapon. I always believed that and could never understand why, as you say, anyone would even consider throwing their last lifeline away. :dunno: Hi-ebber, and day is always a hi-ebber, in my much younger days I always had a lot of fun...
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    Reviewing tool purchase

    I never heard that!
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    Need grips?

    The logs have been drying for a couple of years but you are right! :thumb: After I resaw them I'll check the moisture content but I expect to stack them to dry some more. ;)
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    Need grips?

    Very tight grained, pure white at first and yellow slightly with age. It has been called the "poor man's ivory." I've got to get my new bandsaw set up to resaw the logs into slabs for knife scales and pistol grips. Unfortunately I can't leave my wife long enough to get down to my basement gun...
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    Need grips?

    +1 I bought a set of 2 piece Colt grips. Their really nice but I'm going to use them as templates for cutting grips for my Navy's from some American Holly logs I have.
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    Making a 1770s British Rifled Officer's Fusil

    Dave, you are my gun building HERO! :D Just call me Grasshopper... :)
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    I made shrimp perloo yesterday using a recipe from Southern Living. My wife, who is very ill and not eating well, loved it!
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    Lard over/on revolver bullet?

    I used to have a picture, from an auction site I believe, of a Texas (location not type...) pistol rig supposedly to be from the War of Northern Aggression. It looked and was billed as authentic and had a double carrier for spare cylinders. I can't find the pic but it was the only evidence I...
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    I'd never heard of Perloo so I searched the term and got a ton of recipes right off. Most all of them were for a "Shrimp" Perloo. I'm gonna try it in a day or so. My wife likes shrimp and rice. If I were in your position I think, as if anybody cares what I think, that I would read a bunch or...