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10-06-18 08:44 PM - Post#1705904    

South Dakota changed it's muzzleloader allocation yesterday. In my opinion in a positive way.

Previously everyone who wanted to put in for a tag could and only 1000 were allocated - with several thousand applying. From personal experience I was only able to get one every 5-10 years.

The change now is people have to choose between muzzleloader and several rifle seasons as their first choice in order to allocate tags.

My experience is most people who are applying for muzzleloader season do it as an add on, using modern arms as an "extra" season and few will apply for it as a primary selection and will instead apply for the modern rifle seasons.

My guess is instead of waiting every 5-10 years, people like me (who will select it as first choice) will probably start getting a traditional hunt every year or at least every other year instead.

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