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01-27-18 11:25 PM - Post#1666274    

    In response to RJDH

You have to have the image on a third party photo hosting site that isn't stuck up like photobucket has been recently first you'll need to copy the url from the image location

Then just above your text box for making a new post there are some little blue squares one has a mountain/pyramid and little sun and the sky on it click that and paste your url there then preview post to make sure it works

You may have to open the image in a new tab to copy the url it has to be the images url and not just the page the image is on

40 Cal.
Posts: 301
01-27-18 11:27 PM - Post#1666275    

    In response to CapPopper


You can also just type the brackets and everything out yourself and paste the url between them like above either works but clicking the icon is easier

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01-27-18 11:48 PM - Post#1666278    

    In response to RJDH

There are several threads on pic posting scattered all over the forum. Upload photos to a hosting website like Imgur and resize them to 800. Copy the BBCODE and paste it where you want it in your reply.

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01-28-18 01:56 AM - Post#1666282    

    In response to Brokennock

I use imgbb, it pretty easy.
Type in imgbb.


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01-28-18 10:21 AM - Post#1666300    

    In response to Britsmoothy

Thank you for the advise, Chaps.
I'm more 18th C than 21st, but will give it a go.


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