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Border Ruffian 
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Border Ruffian
01-13-10 02:49 PM - Post#808788    

Has anyone used these? If so how did you load them? Did you use any felt wads? Do you seat the ball and break the pellet or leave it intact? I received a can of these as a present, I just wonder how to use them. Regular pyrodex P and BP I know how to use, but I'm not sure about these pellets. Thanks for any help.

smokin .50 
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smokin .50
01-13-10 04:38 PM - Post#808847    

    In response to Border Ruffian

I'd either give them away to someone with a modern rifle, OR I'd use them in a Duplex load of 5-10 grains of real black powder, then the pellet, then the PRB down hard against the pellet.

In this manner, the charge will PROBABLY go off without a hang-fire. Those pellets sometimes don't want to light with just a regular cap. That's why the modern rifles use a big #209 primer for ignition.

Remember that 30 grains in a single-shot pistol is usually somewhere near where you want to be, depending of course upon the caliber of the pistol. So adding some real black powder to the load will increase the total amount of powder charge. So BE CAREFUL!!

If your using a revolver, make sure that the revolver cylinder has enough room for both loose black powder and the pellet. If something doesn't "sound" right when the revolver fires, STOP! Don't fire again as you might have a squib load in the bore and could blow-up the gun!

That's why if I just had a revolver, I'd give these pellets away!

And welcome to the Forum!


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01-13-10 04:42 PM - Post#808850    

    In response to Border Ruffian

Hodgdons site
gives the following proceedure for using their 30 grain pellets in a Cap and ball Pistol:

"Position unloaded revolver with barrel in vertical upright position, preferably in a loading stand.

Place revolver hammer in half-cock position.

With muzzle of revolver barrel away from body, rotate cylinder and align an empty chamber in cylinder with barrel and drop one (1) Pyrodex Pistol Pellet down barrel into empty chamber.

Rotate cylinder to next empty chamber and repeat step 3 until five (5) chambers are loaded. (WARNING) it is recommended as a safety precaution that only five (5) chambers be loaded, leaving empty chamber for the hammer to rest on when the remaining chambers are loaded.

With five chambers now loaded with Pellets, rotate cylinder and place a .44 or .45 caliber Ox-Yoke Wonder Wad® (or equivalent felt wad) in each chamber, seating each wad with revolver loading lever on top of Pellet.

Next, rotate cylinder and place correct size 44 or 45 caliber pure lead round ball in each chamber, seating each ball with loading lever on top of felt wad.

WARNING: Be certain that no air space exists between the projectile (ball) and Pellet. If an air space exists, the projectile becomes an obstruction in the chamber, which upon firing the revolver, may cause personal injury or death to the user or bystander, as well as damage to the firearm.

With revolver barrel pointed in a safe direction, rotate cylinder and insert proper size percussion cap on each of the nipples of the loaded chambers. Revolver is now ready to be fired. Aim firearm in safe direction, place hammer in full cock position and fire.

I think that if your getting them for free and you have a steel frame .44, they might be OK but I consider a 30 grain powder load to be a bit excessive for use in any brass frame pistol.
Just Jim...

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01-14-10 08:22 AM - Post#809154    

    In response to Border Ruffian

I've never seen them. But used Pyrodex P in my pistol before switching to black a couple years ago. I think follow the proceedure supplied by Zonie and all should be good. That is a stout load, but Pyrodex is a little wimpier than black. Let us know how it goes.

45 Cal.
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01-14-10 11:06 AM - Post#809219    

    In response to Border Ruffian

i use them in my pitta 44 58" brass frame it is the max load for my gun, quicker to load, pellet wad ball spit ball,prevents chain fire. i use #10 caps.never had problems, cleanup hot water soak 2-3 min swab lube. done, ready for the next time, also have three quick load's, not cb ammo either.

Border Ruffian 
36 Cal.
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Border Ruffian
01-14-10 02:37 PM - Post#809309    

    In response to Zonie

Thank you very much. That's the info and link I needed. I'll give these a try, does not sound too difficult.

40 Cal.
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01-15-10 07:51 PM - Post#809909    

    In response to Border Ruffian

Zoney is right on the money. Follow what he says. I am on my third can of pellets. I like them. I shoot them from my 1858 Remington stainless & my revolving carbine. Quick to load just drop them in the chamber and put a ball on top. When you ram the ball in it breaks up the pellet. They are a litle fragile some were already broken in the container. So don't drop them on a hard surface. I never had a miss fire yet. I don't use any wads just a little crisco over the top of the balls. They are a little hotter than 30 grs of 3f black powder. My gun bucks a little more with them. I can hit clay pigeons at 25 yards off of a rest so they are accurate too. They are a little pricey but I have to spend my Cabela's points on something.LOL JUST REMEMBER TO PUT THE LID BACK ON THE CONTAINER BEFORE YOU SHOOT. The container opening is large and a spark could easily end up there. putting in those pellets are like dropping in shells so it is easy to forget you are still loading loose powder. Have fun stay safe.

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