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I think your going in the right direction getting to know important people like Troy, Raven, Pack and especially Wulf. Your correct in saying meeting people of
the same interest is difficult.....but with your personality it should be no problem. I feel the biggest problem in Too Arizona is where to shoot. Because it's Too
hot, or Too windy, Or Too cold, or Too many fires, Too dry, or too wet.
73 year old former Yankee, moved to Texas in June 1977. Love the Lord and am a forever Trump supporter.
Rough Neck I have such a rifle. 54 Lancaster school an older build walnut decent curl-figure 371/2 in. octagon to round Green Mountain barrel Siler lock fine accuracy single trigger reworked to nice creep free 4 oz pull Brass patch box.
Hello everyone I am new here. I am a new member of the SAR Blue Licks Chapter in Kentucky. But I live in NC. I love to talk about my ancestors and units they where in. I recently been interviewed about them for Governor Tyron's palace in New Bern NC.
Did you ever find a F&I War group in OH. We do the French side, our unofficial headquarters is about 60 miles north of Columbus. Contact me if you are interested.
Doc Shaffer
les compagnies du Détroit
Great Seller!! Packaged made it to my door same week as purchase, great communication, 100% would buy from him again!
Regarding the Cows Knee. I take PayPal or you can send payment to
Leroy Bosanko
PO Box 1422
Templeton, CA. 93465
I'll mark it sold when you confirm payment is being sent.

I will offer you $250 + shipping to 45011 (estimated to be $50) ... I would be willing to offer more if you could supply the pics I requested.
Hi Crow Feather,
I & members of the Eagle Rock Long rifles & Portneuf M/L clubs shot at a rendezvous out of Jackson Hole up your way a few years back. This was weekend the Teton Dam broke, your photo indicates you may have been wearing buckskin diapers about that time :)
71 years old, and thank you for the compliment.
I will have my wife help me load in pics tonight. This thread has been shut down, so I hope this reaches you as a pm. I'm really not all that sure how all that works as I can barely open, read, reply, etc. my emails. Hopefully you can then reply directly to me, however that works. My direct email is
Ok cool, yeah send my way!
Hi Angie!
How do I change my display name from Ragging to RagWing?
Your member name is changed. So if you use it to login use RagWing.
Greetings, Baxter, Thanks for the thumbs-up. Got some flack for my threads on that topic. By the way, nice looking dog!