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Greetings, Baxter, Thanks for the thumbs-up. Got some flack for my threads on that topic. By the way, nice looking dog!
Cliff in Oregon. I have a 36cal. Squirrel flinter I only have 2ff black it works ok but I no 3fff would Work better it is a100 miles to Springfield Oregon where I can get it. I'm hoping to hunt rabbits with it. There's squirrel hunting in Oregon but to far for me to go.
You can grind your powder finer in a wooden mortar. If you grind the FF, do not grind it to dust, and it should be ok. I do that for priming powder instead of having a can of 4F lying around for years.
I live in Fayetteville. Where do you go to shoot?
I go to Foothills Shooting range, it’s in Waco just outside Cherryville. Really nice place and cheap to shoot, $10 all day. They go from 50 yard to 250 yard
Re Ken Hamilton Is this the same man does wonderful Indian portrayals ? 'White horse'. If so give him my regards we met at Hardwick Mass years ago at Erik Volhiems place he rolled up in snow set up a wickiup with wife & kid Lucinda Childs . Dan Brockerick , Mark Diuty, The Gilguns , John Soul & Debby too still have the bone beaver he gave me Regards Rudyard / Maurice
This was supposed to be a PM not to broadcast Ranger Boyd mentioned Ken Hamilton, so ad I knew Ken I wanted to see how he was going that's all . Rudyard
Thank you all for providing a nice historical forum, its helped keep this old man's sanity under chek. Been bed ridden for last week and a half, not doin too well health wise. This is probobly my last time logged on at the MLF, as i dont know how much time i have left. Not too long ago found out that I have sepsis, So in other words, accept this as a goodby and keep your powder dry.

Signing Off

Gooba Jones Sr.
God Bless you sir, may you rest in peace.
Fair travels and dry powder brother. Save us some powder and lead on the other side.
relic shooter
Our blessings,thoughts & prayers to you & your family. We will all enjoy great times with you when our time comes ....
Hello Mike, Would you be interested in a trade for your Kodiak .58 cal.? I have a Pedersoli sharps .54 cal. that I would be willing to trade.
Have a non-firing wheellock pistol. Wheel turns, but needs a stronger main spring. It arrived unfinished; finished now. Who ever inlaid the lock put in a wood repair. The repair would look better with a very dark stain. If you are interested will take pics. Paid $350 & would like my investment back, short time & parts to finish. Reply:
Hello Atticus69 If you are interested in selling your Ruger Old Army I am interested in buying it.
I do not know your experience with Pay Pal , but I have been using it with satisfaction for several years. If you are not familiar with it just go on thiere website and and take a look .

Thank you B Vanderhoof
HI Mate
Thanks for the message.
What is the place in Melbourne and what are you using?
Thinking of my next project already
Handy , Steel Stocks, The Steel Specialists, located in North Melbourne. Google hollow bar, Melbourne and you should find them.
I saw a post a few days back, but not positive it was you. Did you post a photo of a very nice horn tipped bow?
Larry (PS I don't remember where I saw it.
I have a IAB Sharps. $550.00 plus shipping

Can you tell me about it? Condition, specs, etc.? Pics if you please? Thanks!
Send me your cell number or email and I will shoot you some pictures. Price is firm, I don't need to sell it but you were looking. I will throw in a $75.00 Era's Gone .54 Richmond Lab Sharp's bullet mold. Rather see it used than sit in the safe but only to a point $ wise. My cell is 301-730-0014
Hello. My name is Two Feathers and I own The Mountain Man Emporium. I'm primarily a knife maker, but make a little of everything. Please look for me and my wares in the Vendor Showcase forum. You can contact me directly at
God bless:
Two Feathers
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