Woodsman of the East

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Aug 29, 2005
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Hey everyone, my first post on this forum! -
I portray several different people, within various units of reenacting. I portray Regular infantry, Militia, and Native American. I have found a way to make them all coincide with one another. But here is my story...
I am a young man who dared to venture into the world when revolution hit his tiny town in New Jersey. He joined the Regulars, but deserted after getting into a brawl with one of the NCOs. After roaming the woods for a short time, he came across a band of militia men who were looking for volunteers, no matter what the person's past was. He anxiously joined the band of militia, in the hope that he would not be so conspicuous if he was in a military unit. After serving with the militia for a year, he was captured by Iroqouis indians while scouting in the woods of New York. After being tortured for a week, he was then accepted into the community, as the Natives found that he had an unwithering respect for them.

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