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Sep 5, 2022
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Great Vasin
Using CCI #11 Percussion caps and I'm having to remove the nipple each time a shot is fired to clear the nipple hole!! This becomes quite frustrating!
I'm guessing that your ML takes at least one 90 degree bend. I ran into as similar issue with a new Sharps repro back in the ACW days, same issue as you but using musket caps! The solution that worked was to
  1. remove any flash passage access screws, then
  2. use a cheap, rot gut whiskey (yeah, that was used by armorers back in the day. Check the Ordinance Manual of the day) to really clean the flash passage tunnel. Use a pipe cleaner to scrub the tube walls. Then
  3. use a drill bit that is just smaller than the flash tunnel to 'chase' (clear any detritus, charred oil &c.) that remained from previous storage, shipping &c.
Use the drill bit held in your hand only! you do not want to remove any metal or enlarge the tunnel.​
Remount all the screws, nipple and try out several 'shots'. If all works like things are suppose to do, then try several live rounds. You may have to start the cleaning process again, but that's one of joys of muzzleloading.

This process can be done at the range, just make sure you transfer the whiskey to a different container if at a range.

I hope this helps.


May 7, 2009
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New England
Decades ago I sometimes had a problem with the primer seal falling out from Remington caps, but not since then. About 8 or so years ago I bought a thousand CCI magnum #11 caps. I don't know if they would be considered "old stock" or "new stock". Anyway I've had no problems with the caps. I even still have a small supply of caps I bought back in the 1960s that work just fine.


32 Cal.
May 9, 2013
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Yeah, I had that problem too.
I never did have to take the nipple out each time, I just got a nipple pick that fit my nipple, was still a PITA!
I stopped buying them. And I won't bother buying them again,,
I don't take the nipple out, I just use a pair of needle nose pliers, work's every time. try it.