Where did the forum rules page go?

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Oct 4, 2003
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Well, there are two main places where there are some forum rules. As far as I know, their location hasn't changed for at least a year.

First, there is a "Terms and rules" button at the lower right area at the bottom of the screen. This was added by the new forum owner when he took over.
It is mainly a listing of legal things that protect the forum and to a lesser extent, the members. Things are in it like, you must make a written request to have your account disabled. Also a list of "inappropriate conduct" is given along with a lot of similar information.

Second, there is a list of Forum Rules that were written by Claude when he first started the forum. This listing is a sticky, located 6th down from the top in the "Forum Announcements & Support" section of the forum. This is a more detailed list of rules that address everyone's behavior in the posts they make. This is the list of rules I try to enforce when I read everyone's posts.

Then, each of the Classified Advertisement areas has a list of rules that apply to the Classified Ad's. These are also a "sticky" that is at the top of the index page. Officially, these are called "Classified Guidelines" but much of what is given in these are the rules the members need to live by if they are going to make posts for things, "for sale" or things "wanted".