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This post is pretty much all the ml stuff for me for the day. Between weather, family stuff, wife not well and both of us getting over covid, I haven't done much of anything for weeks.

But left early this morning with a grandson to fish a little. We caught and released about 15 fish. It felt so good to be in the mountains enjoying the thin air.
I had surgery on my right shoulder. I spent much of last night wondering how long it would be before I could shoot again.
I hope you recover well. I had surgery 7 weeks ago to attatch my bicep tendon back to the ulna. I’m getting antsy to be back to normal. To me it seems time slows down when recovering from injury and surgery.
Well, my horn kit and "primer kit" are on their way, 2 coats of Ren wax are on the stock and I have a way to get my draw filing and polishing done...good day that way.

I don't have a workshop at home and my "usual suspects" for places I can set up and do are a little swamped as we replaced the fence and shed in the last week....but I have a couple quick clamps and a table... I don't need to be hansome, but I will be handy ;)
I had surgery on my right shoulder. I spent much of last night wondering how long it would be before I could shoot again.
Likely depends on type of surgery and the Doctor. Mine was a total reverse replacement with a custom made prosthesis. Surgery went well and rehab was 6 weeks to lifting of all restrictions after 2 weeks of healing with singular exception of do not put hand behind my back and move it upward. Can result in dislocation... I imagine there are no set cookbook answers
Got the outer pine base plug glued last night and rough shaped and sanded it this morning, I put toothpicks in a diamond shape on top to affix it to the inner base plug to make it a one piece, I also installed toothpick pegs around the outside of the horn into the inner base plug, it ain’t going anywhere now, I installed the drawer pull today to see how it’s going to look
So my mountain CVA 50 has more issues and now the caps are not getting thru...

Maybe time to unplug the barrel and see.
Did it work before. Does water come out of the nipple or touch hole when you pour it down the bore? If yes then Don't try to pull the breach plug.
Completed work on my horn #63. I will be bring this guy to the Contemporary Longrifle Show in August. After that, it will need a home :)


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I went to our informal shoot today and dryballed twice while I was listening to the people close by BS'ing. It was all their fault. Luckily, they were so involved in the conversation that I got away with pulling the dryballs unnoticed by anyone.
LOL !! Ain't that somethin ? Good job playing it off . I ain't so good . I got the camp name " Dry ball Rob " a couple times ... Talking or listening to.folks on the range and forgot that first step !! LOL ... All in fun !! :D
You know I just thought, I have room in my back yard for that cabin. What would it cost to ship it out here? :rolleyes:;)
Great thought...however, you will never get this particular cabin out there.
It is a historical gem ( built in 1787 ) in our hometown and they won't let it go...!!! .
Not today, but recently I’ve bent a ROA base pin )) Already ordered one from UK, and original went to gunsmith.

Don’t forget the retaining screw, if you plan to ram the balls on it. But better don’t do it at all ))) The pin is so thin in the weakest spot!


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First time out with my recently acquired .58 Remington Contract Rifle (Zouave) by CVA, shooting Minies. I havent posted a photo of the target because all but three shots out of 15 missed the target altogether! That was at 50 yards. It wasn't until my 12th shot that I realised it was shooting about 18 inches high, and I remembered old stories from the Civil War and Crimea about aiming low when the enemy got inside 100 yards. My final 3 shots hit the target, with two of them in the 'black'. I think maybe it is a waste of time shooting this rifle at less than 100 yards.
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Picked up an older model India pattern Bess (so-called Third Model, made in India). This will be a project gun. She is a chunky monkey. Need to recontour the stock, and work on or find a replacement for a weak frizzen spring. First up is to dismount the barrel and get the internal rust taken care of, then begin the slow process of working on the stock.

Also got in a really nice solid brass range rod from Log Cabin Shop. Been wanting a really good range rod for a long time. Very pleased.

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