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Apr 2, 2009
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from the hay that's odd dept. Years ago, when we moved to this farm, we started learning the roads and by ways, we came across a farm house at an intersection with one of the largest canvas tipi's I have ever seen. Easily 20 to 25 ft in diameter and possible as tall. The titpi was left standing all winter and got ripped up by a spring wind storm a year or two later. Shortly thereafter the poles were gone. But I forgot all about this until my wife reminded me yesterday. Last August, during a stretch of hot and muggy weather, we spent a few days at Chincoteague VA. An island in a salt march between the main land and a barrier island.. Nice little town, most of the town burned back around 1920 so almost all houses date from after that. Mrs. and I were touring around town, looking at properties for sale and I turned down a little side street of tiny cottages and in the side yard of one of these cottages, was a baker lean to, candle lanterns, fire pit, etc. Looked like a standard rocky mtn fur trade rondy set up in the middle of this little town. An hour or so later, I ran into a guy trying do a film about the history of the town/island which was first settled in the 1600's. He had some re enactors lined up for 1600's, 1700's and 1800's and was looking for somebody with period correct boats. I asked him about the lean to and set up. He knew it was there and had been for a few weeks, but other wise didn't know anything about it. Guess somebody needed a place to stay at the beach.


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Jan 27, 2008
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I chuckle at those who say bakers are not period correct before late nineteenth or even early twentieth century.
Cook is painted with what looks like seaman assembled bakers on the beach in the south seas in the 1770s.
So some will him-and-haw and say the difference is the sides aren’t sewed on.
Paintings of eighteenth century tents are mostly wedge tents and marquees.
So bakers are not acceptable to an eighteenth century and some nineteenth century events.
I would hazard the producer of this piece wanted an ol’timie looking tent instead of something based on hard research.
And when shown some history nerd will point out bakers weren’t invented yet.
He would have been better to have spent a few minutes looking at colonial tents.
Howsomever I THINk bakers are lots older then we credit. So.... this producer may have got it right