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What gun do you save?

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Feb 4, 2023
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Belews creek
I have two that are my best builds; my fowler and my TN squirrel rifle.


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Or my squirrel rifle, it is a .40 with a 13/16" straight GM barrel and will shoot a cloverleaf at 50 yards no matter what I put in it to shoot.

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The squirrel rifle goes with me.
Is that a turkey call, squirrel call, or just a pouch?


45 Cal.
Apr 26, 2013
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You wake up, your house is afire but your family’s safe. All your bp guns are laid out on the couch and you only have time to save one and bail out. What gun do you save?
I actually had to do that, my original 3 rd model pat 53 that had been in my family since before I was born
Feb 20, 2013
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Reminds me of an old cartoon in some gun magazine….
Fella has a big tarp on the front lawn covered with guns- he’s running out of a burning house with another armload.
In an upstairs window his wife is waving her arms and screaming….

I’d save the couch too
Dec 30, 2022
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More than likely it’d be the Mrs. that started the fire and she’d have thought of all my potential escape routes.
I’d be toast.
But to stay on topic, my favorite is an old CVA 50.
Terrible trigger. Feels great in the hand.
Oct 10, 2004
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Florence Alabama
The turtle shell is a turkey pot call, I use the cedar striker shown in the picture as well. I didn't have any slate when I made it so I put a thin piece of hickory in it that made sounds but not very well. I found pieces of slate for calls can be bought on-line fairly cheaply so I replaced the hickory with commercial slate. Turtle shells have a couple of internal knobs near the front that let you snap a piece of slate into the shell, it won't fall out.

Here is the hickory version, I used the same shell for the one in the fowler picture after I added the slate. I even used the piece of hickory for a pattern to cut the slate to fit. I shaped the slate on a belt sander, it cuts easily.

box turtle turkey call 001.JPG

The call makes a variety of turkey sounds, depending on where and how you work the striker, the sounds can be really loud or soft. I have found that turkeys that want to come in aren't too picky about what they hear.

Believe it or not, it is illegal to use such a call because box turtles are endangered. The reasoning is some bozo will kill a turtle just to make a call and I am sure there are plenty of mindless folk out there that would. I have collected a number of shells from dead turtles over the years that I found while hunting.

I only use the call on isolated gated private land where the chance of running into a game warden is "0".
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