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What Does Your Range Bench Set-Up Look Like?

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This old tool box works well to carry what I need for a BP range trip.

025 inside range box.jpg

Oh, I nearly forgot, a spotting scope is a must.

I know what you mean. I use the splatterburst style targets and can see hits at 25 yds, but need the spotter at 50 yds. At this point in time I can still do all my shooting offhand, but I realize that won't always be the case.

009 range 12-16-21.jpg
I use this bench from Cabela's, it has a lot of shortcomings, for a long time I put it on a furniture dooly and wheeled it out to my home range, now I leave it in place and cover it with plastic. This is my 50 yard range, The archery target is under a roof, I don't have my rifle target in place for this picture.

range 50 yards.JPG

Here I am helping two sons of a friend shoot their grandad's rifle

We do black powder in here too but this day we were loading for a 1000 yd F Class match at Quantico Marine Corps Base.
My range extends to 450 yards. My longest MZ shot here was 5 consecutive hits on a 350 yard 12" plate.

View attachment 249947
That would be my dream set-up. About the only part I have are the Dillon presses though. : (
I use the tail gate of my truck. I use the jack rest most of the time now. It's just easier to get the height correct


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The "range" furniture is a picnic table and a stump in the back yard.
The range bag is my fouler bag that is what I shoot out of every time.