What are y’all’s thoughts on my baker?

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Feb 28, 2019
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I have corresponded with the seller its got all the right features & bears Birmingham proof post 1814 & Wheeler inside the genuine lock only the box is unusual but many where sold sans tool box & it may well be added later ditto the B net bar removed these are likley commericals to the antagonists in the' Carlist wars' a sort of Portugeese civil war no accounting for post sale work being done. Ide say its a right as ninepence and what it is . If nothing to do with the 95th or any ordnance issue so no ' Sharpes' type connection, These Carlist rifles turn up in Europe now & then . Very interesting dissertation on Screws but I don't see it as any fake its a functioning' tool box ' which is what they where . & may well post date your screws It looks nicely made to me no contemporary maker involved I've made & restored Bakers its nice work whatever the story , & I don't have any bias in the matter .

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