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What a find! CVA Express Rifle

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Feb 28, 2024
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North Carolina
I was lucky enough to recently acquire this CVA Express double .50 I found just sitting at a local gun shop. To my knowlege and looking closely at it when I bought it, it had never been fired. Now its had 6 shots through each barrel and perform better than I could have imagined! The target posted was at 50yrds off the bench. The load was 50 grains 3f, .018 ticking patch, and a .490 ball.View attachment KIMG0041.JPGView attachment KIMG0046.JPGView attachment KIMG0051.JPGView attachment KIMG0052.JPGView attachment KIMG0043.JPGView attachment KIMG0044.JPGView attachment KIMG0011.JPG
Good shooting.
I have one also, picked a few years back
I have not shot PRBs, Hornady Great Plains Bullets only. It has 2 flip up rear sights, trying to get both barrels to give me a good group was very frustrating.
By accident I shot both barrels with just one rear sight and it was way better. I sighted it in at 50 yards, I very rarely would get a shot over that.
The right barrel would hit target a little high to the right, left one little low to the left, I think if I move to 75 yards the group would tight up.
I like this guns. Heavy to carry in the woods but it's worth it to me.

Take Care Stay Safe
I also have one of these, but havent shot it yet, they are neat rifles though. Mine doesnt have that adjustable boss surrounding the muzzles, that must be a later addition thing?
From my research that was added on the 2nd and final generation of these as a fix to the inconsistent regulation of the barrels on the first gen.