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Well another one is completed

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Feb 27, 2019
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Friday evening and Saturday, 27-28 May, our NMLRA Charter Club, the Yadkin Valley Rangers, sponsored a 2 course session for those working towards becoming NRA certified Muzzleloading Instructors. This is one of the rarest NRA Instructor certs and paradoxically in demand at many youth organization shooting sports programs. The NRA cert has 3 courses, Basic Muzzleloading, Basic Instructor, Muzzleloading Instructor and each must be completed successfully in order to be awarded this certification. Basic Muzzleloading is just that, a basic overview of muzzleloading in general and safety. Next up is Basic Instructor and it's a NRA course that all instructors must take before moving on to the discipline they want to instruct. It's a course on how to teach. Last is Muzzleloading Instructor. That course builds on everything in the previous two courses and includes a shooting qualification component with rifle, pistol and shotgun. One thing that sets this certification part from all others is that the Instructor must be able to instruct in 3 arms, rifle, pistol and shotgun. These courses are detailed, involved, rigorous, frustrating, but very educational. We had 5 people finish the courses.

So our thanks go to those who finished this weekend with a huge BRAVO ZULU- Well done by all. And a special shout out on this forum to our own PathfinderNC who is now a certified Muzzleloading Instructor. I was present for all his course work and he has done an outstanding job in all 3 courses. His knowledge of flintlocks and gunsmithing is a unique combination and brings another level of depth to our group of instructors. He also has the patience of a saint (a very good thing at times) especially when working with kids. We are all looking forward to continuing working with him in the future bringing the heritage of our firearms past to youth.