Waugh, but I be a mountain man.

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Aug 3, 2021
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I fought in the Revolutionary War at its close as a young militia officer. A French officer and I became close friends and he gifted to me his pair of double barreled pistols before he went back home which I carry in holsters on my Baldric.

After the war I became a successful businessman in the bluegrass country but as civilization moved in I moved out always keeping one step ahead of the hoopleheads. Since the war its been hard to be around people.

My gear is generally from skilled craftsmen, although some things I've made myself. Some stuff has been passed down from my father and his father before him. A few things I retained from the War.

In '22 I made a hunting trip to England. While I was there I befriended a very talented gunsmith named John Jones who, like myself, is an avid hunter. He introduced me to a new type of gun lock called cap lock. It has great advantages over the flint lock. It is much more waterproof and without the flash from the pan game is less likely to jump the shot. This new type lock requires a cap containing fulminate sitting atop a nipple which when struck by the hammer delivers the flame to the powder in the barrel. Surely this will soon replace the flint lock. I wanted to take this new cap lock back home with me but the caps will take a few more years to become common I think. I mentioned this to Mr Jones and he had an idea. He could add a second hammer to each flint lock and a nipple to each barrel so the gun could be used either as a flint lock or as a cap lock. What a genius. It works like a charm and I was able to bring the gun back home on my return voyage.

Although I don't trap for a living, I do so occasionally as I enjoy it. I mostly just explore the western reaches of the continent. I've been all throughout the Louisiana Territory, Oregon Country, and the Spanish Territory.

Having been a deal maker in the business world I get along with the Indians as well as anybody. But I've stayed alive all these years in part by being well armed and in part by being married to a half-breed Blackfoot squaw.

I prefer to wear boots as I have bad ankles that need support. I do wear moccasins from time to time, mostly around camp.

I wear breeches, usually flannel, knee stockings, and elk hide leggings. Linen and Cotton shirts preferred. An elk hide frock-like hunting jacket. A Capote made from an empointer blanket in the winter with a wolf hide around my neck to keep the chill off.

Atop my head in the warmer months is a well-worn flopt hat adorned with numerous feathers and other foofaraw. In the winter I wear a wolverine, the fur which I traded from a HBC fellow I met in Oregon Country. I also traded for a sash.

I've learned my existing powder horn and shot bag aren't big enough for the West so I'm replacing them, but will keep some Longhunter influences as my heart lies in the bluegrass country.

Waugh, but I be a mountain man.
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