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Discussion in 'Forum Announcements & Support' started by Zonie, Jun 25, 2019.

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    We seem to be getting a lot of posts where the poster used the "Reply" button and then hits the "Create Thread" button without adding his/her comment. Then they see their error and start making a new post with their comments.
    This ends up making two different posts. One with the quote and one with the reply to it.

    If you have poked the "Create Thread" button and see the error of your action you still can hit the "EDIT" button on the post that only shows the quote.
    If you do this, make sure your cursor is some place AFTER the [/quote] symbol and then type in whatever you wanted to say. Then hit the "Save Changes" button.

    If you want to direct your comment to a post you should hit the "Reply" button.

    That will open a window that shows the quote you selected ending with a [?quote] box.
    When that happens, hit a carrage return and start typing your comments right away. DO NOT HIT THE "REPLY" BUTTON until you have finished typing what ever you wanted to say.

    After you have finished typing your comments, then hit the "Reply" button to enter it into the topic.

    Thanks. :)
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