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Two Feathers

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Apr 14, 2008
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Howdy folks, Two Feathers here:

This one is a bit different than my normal knife. It’s an Ulu or “Woman’s Knife” in the native Inuit language of Canada and Alaska.

The price was $125.00 + $15.00 s&h USD. I’ve reduced it to $80.00 + $15.00 s&h USD's to all 50 states. I want it out of my inventory. It's taking up room that I don't have to spare.

I was asked by a friend if I could make an Ulu? I said, “Don’t know, I never tried”, so I tried, and here’s what I ended up with.

The Ulu blade measures: 5-1/8” across and 2-1/4” from cutout to deepest point on the cutting edge. The blade mics. out at .112” thick. It’s made of super hard W-1 tool steel. It’s so hard that it took a carbide bit to drill through it for the pins. If you look closely right below the cutout on the side opposite my Two Feathers logo, you’ll see a small divot. That’s where my Tin coated drill bit stopped drilling when I checked the hardness.

The blade has a double bevel, is razor sharp and features an Elk antler handle. The handle is held on with 2 Custom made Mosaic pins, and epoxy. The epoxy is to insure it’s being water proof, secure, and stabile. The antler is polished and wax sealed.

I made the sheath so the Ulu only goes in one way. That improves the fit. The sheath is made from 3 oz. vegetable tanned tooling cowhide and has a Black snap to keep the Ulu securely in the sheath or cover. The entire sheath is hand saddle stitched AND riveted. It’s dyed Chocolate Brown and treated with Aussie saddle cream for water proofing. The sheath has a double thick welt to protect the stitches from the cutting edge along with the double cap rivets.

I know this is NOT the normal PC/HA type knife you folks look for, but I can assure you that after researching it, I found that the Ulu has been around for over 2500+ years. It was used during the fur trade era.

Here’s links supporting that statement.

Ulu - Wikipedia

If interested, please PM me here, or contact me at

I prefer PayPal friends and family, but will take postal money orders or personal checks. Checks will add 2 week to the process for necessary time to clear my bank.

I ship same day as funds are received or checks clear. The exceptions are Federal holidays, Bank hours, Sundays, or severe weather.

As always, Thanks for looking.

God bless:

Two Feathers


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