SOLD Uberti Remington Navy .36

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Mar 5, 2019
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Bastian Virginia
First off I’ll admit that the winter weather has had me doing some spontaneous online shopping. A month ago I ordered this Uberti Remington Navy 36 from Dixie. I got it in a few days ago and worked up a decent load for it. 10 grains of 3F Goex topped with 20 grains of cream of wheat gave the four round group pictured at 25 yards. I did a little sight adjustment and filed the sight to POA. Unlike the piettas this Uberti has a dovetailed front sight for windage adjustment. I don’t have a pic of the resulting target which was dead on for windage and elevation. I threw the other targets in the wood stove before I decided I just don’t need this pistola. I shoot competition using my Ruger Old Army and thought I’d try something new. Maybe I’m just used to my Ruger and it’s trigger and pointability but I just don’t favor this pistol enough to put the Ruger in the safe. I shot about 50 rounds out of it this weekend. Chambers mic at around .377 and barrel around .357 to .360. I did take a little off the front sight. I disassembled it when I got it and tried to find any places that needed deburring. Couldn’t find anything other than perfect. It has a nice crisp trigger pull and a nice finish. I did let the file slip and put a little scratch on the barrel. I touched it up with cold blue and you can’t see it. Someone else will enjoy this more than I will with it sitting in my safe. They are hard to come by nowadays so I’ll let it go for what I have in it. $380 includes shipping inside the US where it’s legal to ship. I prefer PayPal (friends and family only). I coated it with grease before putting it back in the box. The funky look on the finish is a heavy coat of ballistol.


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