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Aug 16, 2010
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Here are some pix from the Trout Creek Rendezvous which was held at Elk Flat, just outside of McCloud, CA. There was 4ft of snow at Trout Creek, hence the relocate. Had a blast!

Up early, went to bed at around ohhhh300hrs and had everything loaded except a bit of food. Showered and hit the road! I was so excited I couldn't sleep!

Mt. Shasta glimmering in the beautiful day!

Just before the Rendezvous at Elk Flat, the temp was perfect!

With just a bit of snow on the ground still, no mud and no one got stuck, perfect conditions to blast a muzzleloader!

Getting Excited! Followed the signs, and Mike in his Truck and fifth wheel!

We set up camp, walked around a bit and BS'd with the members and can't wait for Friday to roll around to start blasting gongs! This is Mike and Linda (Mike helped me get started with my rifle).

This is Tom, he shoots a Flint and a percussion and pistol. He also whips up quite a tune with his guitar to which we sang and laughed the night away!

This is Suzi, Mike's mom, she was also the Booshway! She did a great job in her role and didn't have any problems with her at the helm.

Rolling on the trail, I went last so I can photo as much as I could....This is Mike's wife Linda, she's quite a shot too!

This is Tom in his giddup, loading his flintlock. I need to try this animal when I think I have the percussion down pat.....

This is Mike, Debby, Dave (Mike's dad) and Suzi on the trail.....

Here's Linda blasting her T/C Seneca .45, she's a good shot as mentioned!

Here's Dave shooting his .54 on the trail. I said to Dave when we missed to show us how it's done, he's a good shot!

Here's Suzi shooting her gun, she's a good shot too! Despite being in charge of the rendezvous and a lot on her plate!

Yours truly, someone was kind enough to take a picture of me. I did okay for being a pilgrim!

Here is Mike, my mentor shooting his .50 cal, Mike is a great shot and has taught me a lot about ML's and I owe him and Linda a lot for letting me in their lives and clogging up family time to show me. Made me a brass ramrod for my gun, and a brass cleaning rod to boot! I owe him a lot.

At the end of this particular trail, a wood sign with a bunch of straws on it, the trick is to blast a straw in half, completely without hitting wood, hit wood, lose a point.....Guess what?

I got it! Aside with my score card, not a bad shot on the tie breaker either I must say! For a pilgrim! The straw is in my hat now!

After hitting the trail and packing back, we did the Flint and steel.....Here is Mike showing us the ropes, I lit mine in 24.9 seconds, under the max of 30 seconds!

Later that day, I tried the long gong, I got out first shot, it was closer than I anticipated and here is Mike shooting his long gong, he won by the way. Funny thing is we broke out targets at his house and how he shot with different powder loads etc and it reminded him how his gun shot. Good thing I was there to pick his mind or he would have forgot.....You can learn a lot from a dummy (me) LOL

Later that night, we did Hawk and knife, I did terrible, rubber logs I think.....Mike looks like he is being scolded by the Booshway or his mom.....

What's worse, striking the Booshway or striking your mom with Dad coming up.....We got a good laugh on this one.

After a hard day of shooting and hawking and kniving, we sat around the fire and sang and laughed until 2300 (11:00pm) or so....I was so excited, I had a hard time trying to sleep! Billy Tom's brother was there too to add to the ensemble.

Typically we visited each others camp, can't remember these guys names, but they visited us and we compared stories, sang and laughed. It's all about fun and camaraderie.

Again, others visited, the guy with buckskin shirt with fringes is our club president. He's a great guy, been doing this for 28 years!

I awoke the next day or maybe the day before, the smaller dog, Roxy was barking and gagging all morning, I thought she hung herself with her leash! Scared me, so I walked her with shorts, tank top and fuzzy Ugg's. Cody in the back, he's a huge, super cool black lab. Good dogs!

I didn't get any pix of pistol shooting but same trail, just different targets. I did okay but did hit a small owl shaped one. I'm improving. Here they are setting up for the Pee Wee event of needle in the haystack, money and candy galore! It was fun to watch the kids. Kids are important, they are our future of ML'ing! Get the kids involved and make it fun for them folks!

Here is the registration tent, busy on this day, as it's reward day and the closing of our rendezvous, so soon too!

Here is Traders Row, a lot of neat things to be purchased!

I really wanted this knife, it was very nice but not enough wooden nickles to purchase.....

Same with this tomahawk! Very nice and they make it all!

The bead work is just amazing, all made by this trader!

Maria's, need some grub or a cup of joe and talk with others, this was the hot spot!

Hard to see, thought I had a better pix, but this trader did crystal and rock theme items, a dreamcatcher or two and beads and leather for sale. I bought a ton of leather for future leather items for my bat belt.....

Uh, oh, kids getting ants in their pants for the needle in the haystack! Hang on kids, almost time!

Tina on the right is quite the shot, dang near won the long gong. Very Impressive shooting!

The Prez and the Booshway finalizing things prior to awards!

The Booshway's hubby, Dave, Mike's dad sitting down after a couple days of shooting and fun. He is quite the artist making items like the walking stick and other wood items! Very nice guy!

The guy on the left, the Prez remembers dragging him around the Pee Wee events, now this guy is dragging his son in the Pee Wee events, he is a great shot with his .62cal and his son and daughter are very good shots! Out shot me!

Red Feather, quite a great guy, this guy can shoot very well! His name was called quite a bit during awards and a very nice guy and very polite even to this pilgrim!

Hey! what are all them adults in there for? Well, the Pee Wee's and adults alike going through the hay! Loads of fun, kids came away with money and candy alike. The adults had just as much fun I think!

Lucy, the little girl had quite a hat full of goodies from the haystack! Future ML'er, she went with her grandpa Billy on the trail (Tom's brother-guitar guy)

Christine and the Prez hiding in the registration tent, she is a nice gal and she handles the prez quite nicely, draggin him by the ear to the long gong, don't let her innocent looks deceive you, she can be mean.....Just kidding. Great people!

The other Tina, another good shot with the name Tina, she also did great on long gong, she was getting her name that goes along with fake as her gun wouldn't fire when the cap went bang.....

Hard to see the junior, a few juniors in this shoot, they also are our future. He is getting his rendezvous name for something of dancing with little on around the fire or something like that.....Thanks Matthew!

Of course, when one good deed goes, another must follow, the Booshway Suzi giving Matthew his rendezvous name of "Poof" when his gun went off and all that was heard was "poof".

Poof can make some of the most beautiful shooters boxes you ever did see, sorry didn't get pix of them but they are a white wood with redwood thrown in and very stout! Sorry Matthew, your new name caught on quick!

Red Feather getting one of several plaques for his shooting effort. He shot the pyramid shaped target and cut the line in half and got top shot for that target, others saw his score and he didn't get much money from the pot. Shoulda went last Red Feather! He was quite a humble man.

The Pee Wee's get prizes too! These bags held by Debby were made by members and given to the Pee Wee's, make it fun for them too! They will come back and keep our sport active!

Tina getting a prize, memory doesn't serve at this one.....

If memory serves, the Prez is giving his father in law a very nice knife in a mount for his efforts with the shoot and prior shoots. Tom ran over to camp and told Mike and I that some old guy is unloading gongs from a trailer, those targets are heavy and Phil was unloading them!!!! He deserves it!

There was even a dutch oven cook off. We didn't enter but we had a dutch oven meal, very good and my first one! it was delicious!

Even a dutch oven desert cook off! No wonder I had a hard time getting into my uniform!

Mike getting his long gong medallion from "Doc" as top dog that day!

"lil Ani Oakly" won the rifle! She was a great shot and went up quite a bit when some of the men dropped off during the long gong, she outshot me! Good that this girl will use her gun and for years to come and keep this sport active in our community! Don't tell anyone, but she outshot her brother..... The gun was donated by the Gun Works.

Mike also won best pistol shoot for men.....He is a good shot with the pistol as well, obviously! Mom, I mean the Booshway was proud!

Lucy just enjoys getting candy, money from the haystack as well as winning the raffle for a new Capote jacket! I don't think she is happy do you? That face tells it all!

Brandon the kid on the right was his first ever rendezvous, heck even first time he shot a ML, he outshot me and a good kid to boot!

Well if you survived this thread, I had a great time with great people. Shooting, singing, laughing and eating and camping! I was away from my girl and missed her but I had a good time. I was quite tired afterwards but it was worth every second. Thanks to the Mt. Shasta Long Rifle club for putting this on and all of those who put it on and made it possible. Muzzleloading rocks, my poor centerfire guns are collecting dust.....

My next adventure is to get a pistol and practice!

ny griz

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May 6, 2009
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Yes sir,thanks for all the pics and the story behind them. :thumbsup: Would liked to have seen a pic of the gongs. :idunno: Searching for something at our shoots.Thanks again.Griz


Sep 29, 2005
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Looks like you had a good time. Thanks for sharing. Almost made me feel like I was there.

They sure do have funny lookin' tents and moccs in California. :wink: