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Tried and True finish

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Jan 11, 2020
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Dumb question of the day: In final steps of finishing a Kibler. Cut the Tried and True finish with turpentine for first few coats. Is it advisable to continue with the thinning with turpentine or just continue with the Tried and True only?
Nov 2, 2003
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I would only thin the first coat - maybe two coats and then use full strength. Rub it in well and wipe off eexcess per instructions. Works great.

Col. Batguano

69 Cal.
Feb 10, 2011
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It's a finish that can take a long time to dry, so ultra thin coats are necessity. The good news is that you're doing it at a time of year that the wait shouldn't be too long. I did it in August & September when the humidity was >50% and some of the coats took more than a week. Thinning it would certainly help as well, but remember that 50% thinning means you'll need more coats.

Why don't you try it both ways and adjust as necessary. But no matter what, give it at least a day between coats. remember, if the coat you're covering isn't fully dry the volatiles in that undercoat are going to have to make their way to the surface through the new one, and if that's gotten something of a "skin" on it, the bottom coat will have just that much more trouble. You just can't rush nature.

That's why it's often a good idea to leave some work for yourself (like engraving and metal finishing) to give yourself something to do while nature is doing its' work.

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