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Discussion in 'Trekking' started by Sicilian Longhunter, Aug 9, 2018.

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    I made mine in "the White" so I guess the pigment is a far gone conclusion but I would go with the Spanish brown the next time.
    I may have used more BOL/Mineral spirits than necessary in my process because I soaked the whole tarp in it,drained back what I could but for a 9'x12'tarp there was only about a coffee can left out a gallons of each component.
    I trimmed it down to an 8'x8' that still needs some work to be done reinforcing corners and adding tie downs but I could use it as-is if necessary.
    Baker's books are a good source but sometimes I catch things I missed or misunderstood from a video.
    As with some things, his videos may become as hard to get as his book "The Trackless Forest".

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