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Trad. Muzzleloading Publications?

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Dec 1, 2018
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Is there a publication that focuses on hunting and shooting of Traditional Muzzleloaders? I'm not looking for living history lessons or historical facts, just good info and stories of shooting and hunting with cap and flintlock guns. Thanks all.
There used to be years ago, though I have the impression that unfortunately the publication/organization didn't survive the online advances of information dissemination. I've scoured articles online at times to enjoy a good Traditional Muzzle loading hunting yarn to fill the void. The NMLRA is a wonderful organization, but, as you noted what you are looking for, their publication, though enjoyable, isn't chocked full of plenty of good fire and smoke hunting adventures page after page.

There are some good, old books on the subject, especially African Hunting stories from the 1800's to read. Hope you find what you are looking for. Share with us, too, please.
Both Muzzleblasts and Muzzleloader have articles on hunting with traditional M/L rifles, but neither is limited to hunting only. The NMLRA used to publish a thin monthly called The Longhunters Journal, but that fell by the wayside several years ago. Your best bet is the two magazines listed and read what you like.
I've never found any magazines devoted only to Traditional ML hunting, only some DVDs. Long ago Roger Raglin made several videos solely dedicated to hunting with sidelocks. Then there's Brian Beckum's videos. Haven't seen him come out with anything new for some time now, though. Too bad.