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WITHDRAWN tiny 'hawk head with heart pouch and necklace

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May 26, 2011
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Arkansas Ozarks
This small hawk head was the token for the 1992 South Western Rendezvous. It was held in Arkansas and was a good one. The token is nicely detailed and attractive. I believe it is pewter but really not for sure. The heart shaped leather pouch has a thong for use around the neck. I used it as a neck pouch to carry my non-pc American folding cash in for dealing with vendors. In addition to being attractive it was very handy. Tough parting with these things that carry so many good memories, but the time has come for others to enjoy. $30.00 shipped to U.S. Personal checks or po money orders accepted.
OK, no takers yet. So, I'll sweeten the deal. No change in price but I am tossing in this bead necklace. The center piece is antler. The reverse is engraved signed "B.Kaiser" (not clear). tomahawk pouch and necklace.JPG
hawk pouch.JPG
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