This may sound more like a veterans day speech...but

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Apr 14, 2008
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Berwick, Pa. Columbia county
Just a quick note to say Happy Fourth of July to every member here and every citizen of this great country.
This is a time to reflect on just what "Independence Day" means. I could go into a long speech, but I won't. I know things are looking tough right now, but this country has always been a land of "survivors" when it came to tough times. We've made it through them before and we will again, because of who we are and what we're made of!
Please thank a vet you might know this weekend. For without them, and others like them, this country would not have gained it's independence 246 years ago. Tomorrow is more than just a day to set off fireworks, barbecue, and have fun, it's a day to remember, and celebrate WHERE you live and HOW this country became the greatest country in the world!
America: Land of the Free, BECAUSE of the Brave.
I know this is a fairly mediocre attempt at saying what I feel, but I don't think it has fallen on deaf ears? Everyone here appears to be a pretty big supporter of freedom based on the posts I've read.
God bless you all:
Two Feathers


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Jul 8, 2019
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The fourth-of July everyone needs to honor this day!
I went to see a friend the other day I saw him talking to someone . He introduced him to me and he happened to be in charge of the Veteran affairs office. I told the V.A man that my father faught the duration of the WW2 in Europe and the V.A.never helped him? The V.A man was upset and said he would fix this promptly! He said what branch of Service was he in I said he was a tank crew member in the Army, he asked what unit I said seventh Panzer division! Needless to say our conversation was over! LOL!

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