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The right amount of flour

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May 15, 2011
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North Central Connecticut
I season the meat or fish and then shake it up in a sack with some flour in it. It always gets the right amount of flour on. I haven't tried it with an egg coating though so I don't know what kind of a mess you might end up with. Give it a try on a piece and see what happens.
It gets the right amount of flour on the meat or fish,,, but do you ever end up with leftover flour (too much in the bowl/bag or container you dredged in) after all the meat or fish is done?
If so, seeing as raw meat or fish has been in it, do you throw it away? Or do you have another use for it?
Dec 23, 2013
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10 miles north of Mexico
I always end up with some extra flour in the bag. It doesn't take much to coat the meat. What is left over is used for gravy or tossed out. Seasoning the meat first saves on spices which cost more than flour, or so it seems to me if you add the seasoning to the flour. It's one way of several to do it.

aussie pete

40 Cal
Dec 7, 2022
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Townsville Australia
Made schnitzel tonight for dinner. Flour salt and pepper in a plate, whisked egg with a bit of lemon juice. Dip,roll in flour, dip, flour fry
Easy peasy
Have you ever floured meat and had the right amount?
I came up a tablespoon short, often have too much.
No measuring seems to work
I absolutely love schnitzel, be it chicken, veal or steak. Your tenngun recipe has me intrigued though, as you don't list breadcrumbs. For the best snitty ever, try this. Have your choice of meat and three bowls ready. In the first bowl, plain white flour that has salt and pepper added for flavour. In the second bowl, the whole eggs beaten to blend in the white and the yolk. In the third bowl, crunchy breadcrumbs (you can buy commercial ones), or if you get them, crush up some corn flake cereal in a plastic bag to make your own crumbs.

First cover your choice of meat with the flour (this makes the piece of meat dry to the touch). Next, swish the dusted meat through the egg mix to completely coat it. Finally, now that the meat is wet with the egg, moved the piece through the breadcrumbs to get a lovely dusting. I get the family involved in this and have a sort of conveyor belt going; someone on the flour, one doing the egg, and then someone to do the breadcrumbs. When we get the mob together, we can do up to twenty pieces.

Shallow fry as usual turning over when golden brown. Yeah baby!! You got me hankering for a schnitty right now! As to the amount of flour, crumbs etc, don't put too much into the bowls from the original packs, as you can keep on topping up as you go.

Oh, and thanks; I'm going to try your style next and leave the crumbs off - we'll compare 😀👍.

Cheers, Pete