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The Real Deal 1774 Charleville US Marked

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Mar 29, 2023
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North Beach, MD
My hobby is antique guns. I buy and sell them and try to help people avoid getting ripped off when they sell grandads collection. I keep a few. I'm not a dealer, just and old guy who likes doing research. I've handled a lot of interesting guns but this one was the crown jewel. I sold it for a friend and regret to this day not selling off a big chunk of my keepers to buy this gun. It may sound odd but this gun spoke to me every time I handled it. It most likely came into Philadelphia in 1776 from France and who knows where it went and what it saw. Every time I touched it I thought about the founders and what they risk so I could live in a free country. I would think about the people who fought a died to create a shining moment in the history of the world that we call the United States of America Please enjoy the pictures.


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