The only rifle in American history with a family connection to David Crockett | Tour with Greg Murry

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Aug 27, 2021
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Today we're at Greg Murry's Crockett Longrifle Project display at the 2022 Contemporary Longrifle Association show. Greg has spent 30 years researching, documenting and saving the history of the Crockett family's longrifle building career.

The Forge Seat Rifle Shop ran from 1808 - 1826 and was operated by Samuel Crockett lll and Andrew Crockett lll, cousins of the legendary David Crockett.

I wanted to share Greg’s beautiful display with those that couldn’t make it to the events he has been attending and he graciously agreed to film with me. This has been an interesting project to follow over the years, I hope you enjoy this look at the Crockett Longrifle Project.