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Aug 12, 2016
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20191118_133807.jpg 2 years ago my mother and step father gifted me a very old flintlock rifle. It was purchased from an antique shop with very little known about it. Although I have great visions of the deeds this rifle has performed.

The rifle is approximately 45 cal and has brass furniture. The barrel is 44" and I can not find a single marking anywhere on the gun. Not on barrel, lock, butt plate, nothing. I have fired it sparingly and longed to take a deer with it.
Well that hasn't happened. But I finally was able to make meat with it a couple weeks ago.
A slow quiet walk along a deer trail produced no deer. However the walk back found me being scolded loudly by a gray squirrel at 20 yds. His berating of my lack of deer hunting ability struck a nerve.
I decided if he turned to my left it would be over for him. He did and I answered his nagging with a little noise of my own.


His tail will adorn the flap of my possible bag and the rifle can now go on my wall as a permanent display.
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