FOR SALE 'The Beaver Men' print

Discussion in 'General Merchandise Sale/Wanted/Trade' started by Treestalker, Jan 3, 2019.

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    For sale a 1970's limited edition print of two mountain men leaving a Native American encampment in a canoe. Print was limited to about 1275 units, this one was appraised at $360 when I bought it 15 years ago. the artists name is Joseph Druden, Drulen? Having trouble reading it. He signed it in pencil under his name. There are a couple of small indentions and grooves pressed into the print, hardly noticeable. I will take $250 postal money order or trade for a steel framed Remington .36 or .44 or Colt civilian Navy .36 or 1860 Army .44. I'll try to send an image to you if my daughter can help me . It's a beautiful print from the time of reawakened interest in muzzleloaders. I will ship it tubed. Thank you, George.

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