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Dec 30, 2004
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New England
The 1st station at yesterdays Woodswalk was a hanging log ~ 8” wide … and it would swing and turn wildly if you had a glancing blow or a stick out on the edge.

I not only scored on the 2 hits with both knife and hatchet, but look how square to the block the sticks were!

I doubt I will ever repeat this in my life … but I’ll sure try!

Reminds me of the one and only time I fooled with a Wham-o boomerang. Never could get it to return. Finally, I just threw it as hard as I could in disgust. Started to walk away, looked up, and there was that crazy boomerang returning to me- at ludicrous speed with a final destination of my face! I ducked and it took my hat off. Never could throw knives or hatchets well either….

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