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TC sidelocks , how many different models ?

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Since someone named models that were also synthetic, there is also the firestorm lineup . Stainless or blued , flint or percussion . I have only seen factory plastic stocks but you can buy wood for them.
I've a larger stack of these going back into the 80s in a box somewhere.
Since someone named models that were also synthetic, there is also the firestorm lineup . Stainless or blued , flint or percussion . I have only seen factory plastic stocks but you can buy wood for them.
I have some plastic stocks, they sure reduce the weight and take the worry out of hunting about getting a scratched up stock.
Seen a couple of the firestorms in flintlock bring over $500. Must be desirable!
One thing I just remembered about TC and I have some of those catalogues as well in that box wherever it is. Many of the limited run, limited edition, special edition rifles that come up came out of their custom shop and were never listed in their annual catalogues. Fox Ridge Outfitters was the name of that. Have some barrels for other stuff from them.
I think I may have a couple of those but was thinking "Wood stocks" not Tupperware. I found some info on the "Westerner" in a catalog,I think it may be a variation of the Black Mountain.
The Black Mountain Magnum rifle was walnut or black Rynite stocked. There was a 12ga shotgun version with a camo synthetic. Looks like they changed offerings year to year. No wonder so much confusion nowadays and so many models could have nearly all parts swapped between them.
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Was trying to get the workshop ready for winter projects , by separating keepers and projects from guns and parts to sell.
As I was doing inventory on what I've collected over the years I mentioned to a friend I was thinking I had most of Thompson Center's Wood Stock Sidelocks.
Then he threw me a curve, he mentioned having a "TC Westerner model", when he was younger.
This made me wonder what other jewels I've missed. Here's my list, do you see anything missing ?

1. Hawkens 45,50 & 54 caliber
2. Renagade 50,54,56 (SB), 58 (Big Bore) caliber.
3. Senaca 32 ( the real unicorn), 36,&45 caliber
4. Cherokee 32, 36 &45 caliber.
5. Pennsylvania Hunter 50 caliber, & Pennsylvania hunter carbine ( still looking).
6. New Englander 12 gauge ( finally) , 50 & 54 caliber.
7. Cougar 50 caliber and 45 caliber.
8. White mountain carbine 50 & 54 caliber.
9. Cleland 40 caliber
Got to add one to your Pennsylvania needs. Item number 6530 was a Match Rifle version of them with a rear peep and globe front.
Thanks, I need another one to chase down LOL, just when I thought I was ending my quest to finish my TC collection.
Welcome lol. The small smattering of books I have here it looks like everything in them has been named. The older ones have more but I haven't seen them since we moved 6 years ago. Know they're here somewhere as I carried them in myself.

I wish I would have gone on an unhindered buying spree about 15 years ago. When Indiana first made rifles chambered in pistol cartridges legal to hunt deer with everyone ditched their muzzleloaders. They were everywhere and they were cheaper than cheap because no one could give them away.
Neat, would love to look though them !
What a great company it was.
I agree. They had a pretty big list of "traditional" MLs to choose from. Well made and affordable. I look back on that time when my dad and I would thumb through their product catalog with fondness. Very sad it's a thing of the past now. I've sort of started to gather a small collection of old TCs. Have three models now...four if we include the New Englander I picked up at auction for my daughter last year. 🙂
...he mentioned having a "TC Westerner model"...

Local gun shop had a Westerner in .54 (iirc) on the rack recently with a scope on it (made it look odd) for $600. Heavy son of a gun (pun intended). Dark bore; looked rode hard and put up wet; too much $$$ I thought. I passed on it but somebody snapped it up cause it's gone now.
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Does the frakenrifle I put together from Hawken and Renegade parts count?🤭
Neat thing about them other than 1 " vs 15/16th barrel a lot of parts were universal. I have the companion to your "Frankenrifle", mine is a Senaca stock, tang and trigger with a Cherokee lock and barrel.