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40 Cal
Jun 4, 2020
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The Tc 56 cal .is absolutely the most versatile muzzle loader that TC ever made and the most misunderstood.You can hunt upland game rabbits squirrels grouse pheasant deer bear pig Turkey Shot or ball dose it all and surprisingly well for 56 cal /28 gauge shotgun .shot 25+ yards ball 50/60 yards 55 to 60 grains ffg or pyrodex rs a 28 gauge circle fly wad 7/8 once of your favorite shot and another 28 gauge wad on top to hold the shot works well don't ever use steel shot never never ever bad for your bore steel shot is also much lighter and performs poorly in black powder guns its marginal in new fangled breech loaders in my experience which is-by the considerable.published load data The Burmingham proof house.list 28 gauge service loads 55 ffg /5/8 ounce of shot max 61 ffg and 7/8 ounce shot a small bore such as the 56 cal no 7 or no 6 shot will work best how ever for turkey no 4 shot however 4 shot will have Less Density in your shot pattern and you have call your turkes close to bag them 20 yards over loading will not help you much with these cylinder barrels will have a wider spread and 26 barrel and 28 gauge is to short and to small to carry a effective pattern much beyond 25 yards which is s actually great for small game and birds.