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Aug 19, 2016
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For what this is worth, I wouldn't do anything drastic to start with. I once had a T/C Hawken that on its first trip to the range with me printed the tightest group I've ever gotten from a T/C, a ragged five shot hole right at the top (50 yds) of a standard 100yd rifle target using a six oclock hold on the bullseye; in other words, about 12" high at 50 yds. It had factory sights and the rear sight was all the way down.
My first thoughts were to get "new" sights, but, I just cleaned her and set her aside for awhile. The next time I took her out the group was just as tight, but, had moved itself to the top of the black; wether barrel seating, wedge tension, sight picture, lighting or my ever changing vision was the difference I can't say.
Before changing anything you might want to consider having someone else shoot it too, to see if different eyes/perception have a different effect.