T/C Hawken accuracy

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Sep 2, 2009
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The gun should be able to do way better than 6" at 50 yards off a good rest.

I just got back from the range with my son and his buddy. My son's friend has the exact gun you describe, .45 T/C Hawken.

This was the first time he shot it after getting the rifling re-cut by Bobby Hoyt.

At 50 yards with a strong wind off our back right shoulder, he printed a group about 1.25" a 4th shot flew to the left making the whole group about 4 inches. I think that 4th was a flier due to gusty winds.

Previously that gun was all over the board at 50 yards. We had bought it used and it had some rust spots. Bobby Hoyt appears to have worked some magic though!

My son was vaporizing dixie cups full of water at 25-30 yards off-hand with his .54 Renegade (GM barrel).

It was a great day of shooting.