Surprise, it's loaded

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Feb 13, 2020
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Elk Ridge Mountain, Washington County Maryland
Brother and I hit a couple of gun shops this morning. Second shop is all unmentionables, walk in look around and there are 2 muzzle loaders on the counter, A T/C Hawken and CVA mountain type pistol, both sadly neglected but savable. Shop owner says they are part of an estate, just came in, look at them if you want. I check the rifle, Steve the pistol, Steve says "this pistol must have been a bed side gun, it has a cap on it!" He takes the cap off and runs the ramrod down the barrel and pronounced it loaded. Don't have to tell you all the things that could have gone wrong there 😵. The shop didn't handle anything black powder and didn't see the cap under the hammer shroud or think to check. Gun shop folk were embarrassed and didn't seem to want to deal with the pulling the pistol's load so Steve made an offer and they were glad to send them both home with him.:thumb:
Jan 30, 2021
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In 1934 a crooner named Russ Colombo was visiting a friend that collected antique weapons. The story was that they had examined a new acquisition ,a muzzle loading pistol decades upon decades old.the weapon was dropped on a table ,went off and killed Colombo. The ball hit him in the head.🤔