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Aug 14, 2013
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Washington State
So I inherited a bunch of clothing that I've been marketing here because it's not really part of my business. However, I realize that I can't resist the urge to market my business related items also as they certainly could be of use to folks on here looking for supplies or custom made clothing and accouterments for the era. I've been doing this for nearly 40 years now and buckskinning was my first love. No longer a shooter due to bad shoulders but still make alot of gear for folks for all kinds of uses. Lots of Native American dance regalia these days, Mocs, fur coats and hats, bags belts etc...primitives to high fashion, I do it all, leather and fur, wool for capotes. I stay away from fabric clothing tho. Never had a dissatisfied customer yet.
The best way to contact me is to pick up the phone. I eventually respond to emails also. I just really don't spend alot of time on the computer. If you have an idea or photo of what you want, a picture is worth a thousand words.
A typical order goes like this:

You contact me with what your needs are. Send a photo if possible, or we talk until I get a picture ion my head of what you have in yours. Or, I send you photos of similar stuff I've made etc.

I give you a firm quote on what my time and materials will cost you and how long it will take. Usually 90 days, once in a while longer. Sometimes I feel the need to give a maximum amount if I can't nail down my costs exactly and shave the price if materials are less than expected. I've been at this a long time, I pretty much know my costs. I won't exceed a maximum quote. Nobody likes that kind of surprise! The only way I would raise a quote is if you change your mind or add things that will add extra time or materials. Changes are fine up to a point. This is custom work after all.

You send me half down as a good faith and to insure that you complete the order as I will.

I may contact you for details that I didn't get the first go round, or to offer suggestions that come up due to materials and such. Some folks love to be involved as much as possible in the process and others just want to get it shipped and done. All is fine by me! There have been several orders where I do the patterning, cutting and basic assembly and the client does the details such as decorations, fringe, beadwork etc. A note on beadwork...I don't do beadwork. I own alot of beadwork collected from people through the years and am in contact with a few good reliable bead workers who I can call on to make custom pieces.

Upon completion of your order, I call you with the balance on your order including shipping. When I receive payment, it goes in the mail usually via UPS.

When you get your order you open it up and cry happy tears because it's exactly what you wanted!! Well, not always with the crying, but it makes for good humor and that's always my goal.

I'll try to attach our simple price sheet to give an idea of what we sell in the shop. If it doesn't load, you can email me for one if you like.

Amanda Platoni
Harts Lake Trading Post
Roy, WA
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Aug 14, 2013
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Washington State
HARTS LAKE TRADING POST List #37 Autumn 2018
35816 58TH AVE. SOUTH ROY, WA 98580
360-458-3477 Established 1980

Bison horn caps $10 ea.
Deer antler $15/lb.
Deer antler rosettes rough unfinished $2 ea.
Deer leg bone w/ hoof and hair-dried $5 to $10 ea.
Elk antler $15/lb.
Misc. antler tips 4” to 8” $3 to $10 ea.

Bearberry leaves kinnikinnik $10/½ lb. or $18/lb.
Copal dried tree pitch $10/¼ lb. or $24/lb.
Essiac Kit burdock, sheep sorrel, slippery elm, turkey rhubarb $25/kit
Lavender flowers $9/½ lb. or $16/lb.
Licorice Root whole sticks $15/lb.
Osha root tincture $12/oz. dropper bottle
Peppermint leaves $15/lb.
Red Willow inner bark $15/¼ lb.or $25/½ lb.
Sage leaf whole small leaves culinary type $12/lb.
Sage Grandfather/white $24/lb.
Sage sticks-large Grandfather/white $5 ea.
Sweet Grass braids 20” to 28” $5 ea.
Western Red Cedar sticks $5 ea.
Western Red Cedar tips $10/lb.
Essential oils cedar, sage, lavender, pine $12/oz.
Osha Root when available $15/4oz.
Bitter Root $10/2oz.

Other misc claws available as we get them.
Badger $1 ea.
*Black Bear check your local laws $5 to $12 ea.
Bobcat $5/10
Deer dew toes the small ones $5/10 or $20/100
Deer Hooves $5/10 or $50/100
Wolf when available $20 ea.

Buffalo gold, dk brown 4-6oz wt. $7 /sf.
Deer several colors, as available $6 /sf.
Elk gold, good moccasin wt. several grades $7 /sf.
Deer/Elk split gold, smoke, white as available $40/4lb.
Pig Suede assorted colors as available $4/sf.

Buffalo pieces and whole $25/sf.
Deer $30/sf.

MADE TO ORDER, THIS PRICE IS LABOR ONLY. Add skin price for full price.
Hat with tail $95 to $125
Hat with formed face and tail $125 to $195
Dance cape with full leather liner, drops, decoration, fringed $250 to $350
Large animal dance cape as above from bear, wolf, cougar $400 to $900+

Prices vary based on overall quality and availability
Angora Goat white, curly $150 ea.
Badger $45 to $90 ea.
Black Bear $100 to $450ea.
Beaver $40 to $120 ea.
Bobcat $90 to $250 ea.
Bobcat feet w/claws $2 ea.
Buffalo Robes $500 to $900 ea.
Buffalo Trim pieces $30/5lbs.
Coyote $45 to $125 ea.
Ermine, white $12 to $18 ea.
Faces coyote, red fox, silver fox, white fox, bobcat, others $5 ea.
Fox red, white, silver, grey, blue, others $80 to $190 ea.
Lynx $150 to $350 ea.
Mink $20 to $40 ea.
Muskrat $10 to $16 ea.
Otter $100 to $175 ea.
Rabbits $8 ea.
Raccoon $25 to $45 ea.
Sheepskins $40 to $80 ea.
Skunk $20 to $40 ea.
Wolf $150 to $550 ea.

Hand painted eagle $4 ea.
Pheasant wings $3 ea.
Assorted Chicken skins $10 to $15 ea.
Wild Turkey wing single feather $1 to $2 ea.
Wild Turkey wing $15 ea.
Wild Turkey tail $20 ea.

Badger, Bobcat, Otter $20 ea.
Beaver, Coyote $20 ea.
Buffalo $75 to $150 ea.
Ermine, mink $5 ea.
Fox, Raccoon, Skunk $15 ea.

Bobcat $5 ea.
Coyote $10 ea.
Fox red, silver, mutations $18 ea.
Raccoon $2-$5 ea.
Mink $3-$5 ea.

Elk Ivories $15 to $40 set
*Bear check your local laws $15 to $20 ea.
Bison incisor $1 ea.
Coyote canine $1 ea. Or $75/100
Coyote molar $5/50
Wolf canine when available $25 to $30 ea.

Beads Brass solid, 9mm $15/200
Beads Glass old style round crow, 9mm, red,white,black,cobalt $15/kilo
Bear grease $20/16 oz.
Cedar Feather Box different styles and woods $35 to $45 ea.
Cones, Large Jingle silver $25/100
Cones, Small Jingle silver $18/100
Copper cones ½” $15/500
Drum 10” dia $35 ea.
Drum 13” dia. $55 ea.
Drum 15” dia. $65 ea.
Drum 17” dia. $80 ea.
Drum Framesround one piece hardwood 1 ¾” x 10” $12 ea.or$70/10
Drum Frames sectioned western red cedar 3" x 14"/16/18" $20 to $40 ea.
Drum Frames round laminated rosewood 3” x 14”/16”/18 $25 to $45 ea.
Drum Sticks several styles available $10 to $20 ea.
Drum Kit 10” dia. pre punched holes $30 ea.
Drum Kit 13” dia. pre punched holes $45 ea
Drum Kit 15” dia. pre punched holes $60 ea
Glue, Barge cement 2 oz tube $9/2oz.
Horse hair bundle mixed colors, 6” - 8” $10 ea.
Lace, deer ¼“ x 4 ½’ gold $60/100
Leather cream conditioner Weaver brand $12/pt.
Patterns many assorted styles, inquire $10 ea.
Porcupine guard hair $25 to $60/oz.
Porcupine quills $10/1/2oz.
Pouches, medicine bag 1½ " x3' neck bag, deer $3 ea. or $50/25
Rattle, Deer rawhide $15 ea.
Rattle, misc as available buffalo, bear, elk, gourd, etc. $30 to $95 ea.
Rawhide Lace Elk approx. 3'x ¼" - 40 per bundle $16 ea.
Rawhide lace approx. ¼” x 50’ water buffalo $30/bundle
Sinew imitation, natural, black, white, 4oz. $8 ea.

Antelope $50 ea.
Buffalo $250 ea.
Deer $65 to $70 ea.
Elk $150 ea.
Goat $45 to $50 ea.
Horse rounds 24" $30 ea.

Abalone shell polished asst. colors $10 ea.
Abalone shell regular sizes $10 ea.
Abalone discs, 2 hole ½” $20/100
¾” $25/100
1” $40/100
1 ½” $80/100
2” $3 ea.
3” $6 ea.
Cowrie money or ring top, drilled $8/100
Cowrie purple, drilled $12/100
Dentalium 1½” to 2” $8/100 pcs or $40/1000 pcs.
Mother of Pearl Buttons ¾” 2 hole $40/100
Mother of Pearl Discs 2-hole
Ea. 10 100 300 500
1 ½” $1.50 $10 $75 $150 $190
2” $1.75 $12 $87 $175 $220
2 ½” $2.00 $15 $100 $200 $250
3” $3.00 $20 $150 $300
3 ½” $3.50 $25 $200
4” $4.50 $35 $325

Turtle shell, Red ear $10 ea.

Awl, antler handle $6 ea.
Lacing chisel 4 prong $10 ea.
Lacing chisel 8 prong $10 ea.
Needles, glover #1 or #10 ( xl or small ) $1 ea or$10/25
Needles, Perma Loc twist-in for leather lacing sm,m,l $2 ea.
Pounding board 12” x 12” $20 ea.
Punches #1 or #2 $10 ea.
Punch, rotary style made in England $20 ea.
Scissors, leather shears $6 ea.



Aug 14, 2013
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Washington State
I had to split this up due to space restrictions...

This is a partial listing only. New items arrive often. If you need something not listed, please ask. We will do our best to help you get what you need at a fair price and in a timely manner. Please plan well ahead and allow adequate time for shipments to arrive, usually 7 - 10 days for the lower 48. Drum kits in quantity need at least two weeks advance notice.
We ship UPS, and charge actual cost with a minimum of $15. Call for quote. Please advise if other shipping arrangements are needed. All orders pre-paid by postal money order, cashier’s check, Visa/Mastercard or Discover. We do not accept Personal checks. All in state orders without proper reseller/exempt documentation provided must add their sales tax.
If you receive something that doesn’t meet your approval, please let us know within three days of receipt. We will gladly exchange or refund as needed. Late claims, or those not pre-approved cannot be dealt with effectively.
These conditions help us keep our pricing the most reasonable possible and hopefully won’t cause any inconvenience.
We enjoy serving you, thank you for your patronage.
Angelo and Amanda Platoni


Aug 14, 2013
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Washington State
Moving some conversations here from other places...
When I design a pair of mocs, the style and pattern strongly suggest the type of leather I would use. For most soft soled styles, elk or moose. Buffalo (American bison) is nice also...the toughness of bull hide but doesn't dry out as hard, but firmer than moose or elk. If hard soled, a good grade skirting or tooling leather is nice-veg tan. I takes a shape nicely for a contoured sole. If you are a purist and have deep pockets, use a brain tanned leather-$$$$. It is a variable product and quality very much depends on who's elbow grease has been applied. In my experience, it can stretch too much, dry too hard and it's around 3x more expensive. It is nice to work with though! Chrome tanned leather is a modern wonder. The 'German tanned' leathers are, as far as I know, a type of oil tan and have a very nice bead-ability similar to brain tan. I have not seen very heavy hides on the market. It seems to be used for garments mostly. Correct me if I =m wrong, I would love to find this tannage in a 7-8 oz weight!


Aug 14, 2013
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Washington State
...another previous post. Saves typing!
In my experience, comparing chrome tanned moose to chrome tanned elk is mostly a difference in potential weight. Either hide can be split down to garment weight but moose is more often left thicker. Heavy elk is wonderful and usually easier to find at a lower price. Bison works well also but is less stretchy than either elk or moose. Again, these generalities are dependent on how hides were tanned.
I'll have to be shown what Seneca style looks like. There are many opinions around on who wore what and when. I just make what folks ask for and avoid that discussion/arguments. We can only make our best guess. There are many styles called center seam also. Photos or sketches are best to communicate particular styles.
As for wetting and stretching, for garments yes, not necessarily for mocs as I want them to form around the foot as nicely as possible and aim for a nice snug fit to start. If you get a very stretchy feeling hide you might want to pre stretch it. It's a judgement call.


Aug 14, 2013
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Washington State
I have some mahogany elk in stock in a heavy weight. Made a few pairs of mocs for spring stock. These are machine sewn. $90. If you'd like the heels hand stitched for a more authentic look, add $10. The toes are not this lumpy, just the paper inside instead of a foot.

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Aug 14, 2013
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Washington State
I'll be set up at the Cascade Mountain Men Muzzle Loading Arms and Pioneer Craft show on March 7 & 8 at the Evergreen State Fairgrounds in Monroe, Wa. Great event to outfit yourself and perhaps learn some new stuff!