Strange Location & Markings On Old Percussion Rifle

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Greg Starr

32 Cal
Apr 8, 2019
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I have an antique .50 caliber percussion rifle that I gave to a gunsmith for a good going over; cleaning, tightening things up; new frizzen, etc. It's a beautiful gun with lots of brass and silver. Anyway, upon removing the stock underneath the barrel various initials were discovered which according to the gunsmith, who has a great reputation & done some work on muzzleloaders for movies, related that in some cases the builder would put his initials in that location. I have tracings he gave me for those initials which I will include here. Perhaps someone knows who it could be. I will be putting it up for sale here eventually; any idea on the value? I purchased it some time ago in northern PA but am told it came from NY.023.jpg