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Aug 4, 2004
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Sweetwater, by God Texas
Fellas, FYI, I sent this letter on 29 September:

Dear Hodgdon:
I read with dismay the announcement yesterday that you plan to end production and close the Goex black powder plant by the end of this year. It is painful to see the last domestic manufacturer of sporting-grade black powder leave the market. I know you must have your business reasons for the decision, but that doesn’t make it any more palatable for the muzzleloading and black powder cartridge rifle communities here in the United States.
Please count me among the many voices begging you to reconsider your decision, keep the plant open, look for new operating efficiencies including plant relocation or re-engineering, and/or to actively search for a buyer in time to prevent a serious disruption in the supply chain.
I realize the American market currently has access to black powder made outside our country. But having seen the mischief that other governments as well as our domestic politics can wreak on imported goods, I am fearful for the future of the black powder-relating shooting sports in the United States.
Thank you for considering my concerns.
William Powell

I received this reply on Monday:

Mr. Powell,
Thanks for your letter dated 29 September, 2021.
We have received a fair amount of feedback since we announced our decision last week, much of it in a similar sentiment to your letter.
To be clear, our preferred outcome in this situation is to be able to sell the GOEX operation and are actively working to make this happen. We will continue these efforts at our best possible speed as we know we are on a tight timeline for the end of the year.
At the Hodgdon Powder Company, we have used the tagline “The Gunpowder People” for some years now. Most of us are handloaders, shooters and muzzleloader shooters and have a lot of passion for the sport. While this is not the outcome we would have preferred, our focus now is on pursuing a sale. We will work as hard as we can for this outcome.
Thanks for reaching out.
Aaron Oelger I Vice President of Sales & Marketing I Hodgdon Powder Co. I 913.745.0776