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SOLD Stovepipe boots

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Aug 4, 2004
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Sweetwater, by God Texas
These fit in only at the very end of our periods here -- the Plains period and the Civil War, but they would not be out of place worn by a plainsman -- or soldier -- driving a wagon or riding a horse in the 1860s.
They are very nicely made, fully lined 16-inch stovepipe boots made by Boulet in Canada. Square toes and horseman heel. Size 9D -- but Boulet recommends you buy a half size smaller with their boots; I normally wear 9 1/2 and even an occasional 10 and these fit .
I have not worn these but a few hours; bought them to wear in full costume while leading tours of an historic ranch house at a local state park but gave that up during the pandemic, so the buyer will be getting very nearly new boots.
The boots measure 18 inches in diameter at the top, outside, so if you have calves larger than about 17 inches in diameter, you will want to pass.
Asking $175 including shipping. If you look them up, you'll see they go for well past $300 retail.

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Barefoot Hillbilly
Aug 21, 2010
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If they was a few sizes bigger and my wallet was a few pounds heavier I’d love to have them.
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