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Discussion in 'Vendor Showcase' started by Angie, Dec 11, 2018.

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    Becoming a Vendor

    If you are a Vendor/Retailer/Service Provider or want to use MuzzleloadingForum for ANY type of commercial presence including signatures, avatar, private message, responding to threads about your product/services, no matter how big or small
    then please sign-up to our Sponsorship program. The whole process is quick/instant and the fee is small.

    Becoming a Vendor on MuzzleloadingForum provides you access to post deals, specials and announcements to the largest online muzzle loading community. In addition to forum access and engaging with enthusiasts you get a 'Sponsor' avatar and the ability to create an advertisement in your signature.

    Sponsorship program allows you to create threads in this forum, use your companies URL/name in your signature, company logo as avatar, approval to reply to threads or private messages about your products/services.

    If you use this community to communicate in any fashion to anything related to your business/products without being a registered Sponsor, you will be removed without warning from the Muzzleloading Forum permanently.

    Sign-Up Here Now
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