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SOLD SPF! Pietta 1860 Army Like NIB

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Jan 26, 2021
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Greetings All! I've picked up another 1860 with the fluted cylinder that I like better, so it's time to pass this one on.

I don't think I've even fired this gun - I just can't remember. (Covid brain, old age, etc.) I bought it new, and I disassembled it, removed all burrs, polished mating surfaces, and ensured that it was better than how I received it. 2020 proof date. No dings, scratches, case colors are brilliant, action is crisp, timing perfect. Includes original box and paperwork, as shown. (Maybe I should keep it?)

$320, including shipping via USPS medium flat rate box. I don't do electronic transfers but I will accept postal money order or personal check.


  • Pietta 1860 080522.jpg
    Pietta 1860 080522.jpg
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