Songs of the AWI

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Apr 22, 2020
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😁 Yup change the tone of a song and it sounds pretty different.
I recall learning the words to Men of Harlech. I played it over and over writing down the words till I got it right.
It was my pre internet days. And the only reference I had was Zulu.
They wrote the words for that movie. So what I learned was a little less then the real song.
Ive leaned it since. But I’ll be off trekking or hiking and sing softly to my self. Pretty quickly I’ll be right back to Zulu’s words.
I’ve leaned Minstrel boy and Son of God, both sung to the same tune. Singing it to my self I often go from one to the other mid song. I’ll be walking along singing softly and realize whoops wrong song.
Well, the original words were in Welsh, so there is that ;)

I'm personally very fond of "Bonnie at Morn," myself.

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