Son of Hessian who fought on both sides of the REVOLUTIONARY WAR

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    Father was a young Hessian Officer and after being wounded and capture, he later join forces against England. As a matter of Fact 18,000 of the 30,000 Hessians stayed in America after the war. I was born in 1800 and saw Washington burned by the British in the 1812 War. We moved as far west as a whiteman could go and that was Franklin Mo. in 1817. I worked for the Boone brothers, Danial Boone's family at the Boone Saltlicks. Traveled down the Mississippi by barge and traded goods in New Orleans. Saw the famous JIM BOWIE sandbar fight, helped young Abe Linclon fight off some river pirates trying to steal his barges, took part of and was a scout for the 1st wagon train on the Sante Fe Trail (Williams Beckwell's 3rd trip) Married a rich Spanish landholders daughter of California.later in 1829 a Mexican merchant, Antonio Armijo, led the first commercial caravan back to California from Sante Fe, I was apart of this event too. Was a part of the Blackhawk Wars and saw young ABE LINCOLN again in the military. Was apart of the 1st Regiment of Calvary Dragoons when it was created in 1833. I had the famous GREMSLEY horned military saddle that was used by the 1st Dragoons and the American Fur Company. Join the Red River Blues with Beckwell in 1836 and helped guard Santa Anna after his capture. All of my persona is "DATED" properly to be at each of these events and as a shadow or the 3rd man in the background that saw history before my eyes. Have over 40 pages of detailed information and at these events so far and still not finshed. I love History

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