Son Of a Hessian Officer who joined the Colonies

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    Son of a Noble blood Hessian Officer that fought for both sides of the war. Born in 1800, Moved to Missouri after the 1812 War. 1824 3rd trip Santa Fe Trail was a merchant/militia guard, Married Noble Spanish lady of Santa Fe, 1828 Missisippi River flatboat owner and trader/guard. I met young Lincoln, saw the famous James Bowie Sandbar Knife Fight, 1832 Black Hawk militia/1st Dragoons enlistment met Abe Lincoln in the War again, 1836 Moved to TEXAS and joined William Becknell's Red River Blues Dragoons for Texas Independence. I now reside in Texas as a merchant/trader/local Ranger. Have 30 page "DETAILED" with pictures, drawings etc. booklet of persona. email if interested in copy

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