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Nov 27, 2022
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Jeezum! I'm a bit overwhelmed, by all the kind words, from all over some of the most beautiful country and places that I have ever known. Have I found my forever home at last???
Welcome from PA, living in a 1749 house, boy do I envy you!
The best part of my house is that it had been owned by my hero! When I was a kid, Jack worked as "jack of All Trades" during the summer. In the spring he did silversmithing, and blacksmithing (he had trained with Samuel Yellen, who did the decorative iron work at the Washington Cathedral, among other commissions). We would spend hours talking about Jim Korbett and tiger hunting in India, "Up Front with Willy and Joe" by Bill Maulden. and other such manly topics as our coffee induced stupor would lead us. He was a man who didn't like the taste of water that came out of a pipe, heated his home with an old Queen Atlantic wood burning cook range, had a black lab named Wimpy. He taught me about blacksmithing. We went gunning. Life was simple. Life was good. I may growl (a lot), I may complain (even more). However, I do know how fortunate I am (and really always have been) and I am truly grateful for all the blessings of this life. (Thus endeth my sermon, he said with a wry smile!)

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Redturd reloader
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Nov 23, 2022
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Bitterroot Valley MT
Yesterday I decided that nobody was going to return my missing original Brown Bess (after 25 years) so, if I wanted to make some smoke and fire, I'd better get off my phat ash and get a replacement. I've ordered a Pendersoli 1763 Leger Charleville. My house was built in 1749 and the Bess was part of the house furnishings. I've got some experience with cap and ball pistols and I have my great uncle's .44-77 Remington #1 (unfortunately, not a Hepburn) and a few other goodies in my safe. This is my first wandering into any kind of forum, so please excuse me if I stumble around before I get my sea legs. I will also be asking a lot of questions about smooth bore shooting. Well ,that's all I've got for now. HOWDY, HELLO, GLAD TO MEET YOU!
Welcome from Montana.
Oct 27, 2020
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Florida Panhandle
A warm welcome from Florida.

This is a most excellent forum and I expect we shall gain knowledge and smiles from your participation.

Burn a stick for me to keep that place up there cozy.